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  • Elliott wave International is one of the World largest independent market analysts.
  • Has a lot affiliates worldwide.
  • Publisher of Elliott Wave Principle book


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EWI’s Pro Services Open House: 50 markets, today’s top opportunities — FREE!
Get your free access to professional-grade forecasts for 50+ of the world’s top markets. EWI’s Open House gives you today’s top opportunities for U.S. stocks, gold, oil and EURUSD just to name a few. April 20-27, you can get all the charts, analysis, videos and forecasts to help you time your market moves with precision. Learn more now.
Introduction to the Wave Principle Applied
Got 15 minutes? Learn to Trade Better with Elliott Waves. This free video gives you the first 15 minutes of Elliott Wave International’s top-selling on-demand trading course, “Wave Principle Applied — How to Spot a Pattern You Recognize and Put Your Trading Plan into Action.” Watch “Introduction to the Wave Principle Applied” now >>
What Can Stock Markets Tell You About Politics?
The stock market and politics are indeed connected — but probably not in the way you think. This free article focuses on the European Union’s three key elections of 2017 — and explains the surprising stock/politics connection further. Read “What Can Stock Markets Tell You About Politics?” now
ElliottWaveTV: Simple Yet Powerful Trading Tools
In this new interview, Jeffrey Kennedy gives a trading lesson on how to use trendlines, trend channels, price gaps and other technical tools in conjunction with Elliott wave analysis.
Free eBook: How to Spot Trading Opportunities
What if you could look at a chart and instead of seeing what happened, you could see the potential trading opportunities that could happen. This free eBook will teach you exactly that. Through easy-to-understand trading techniques explained across 47-pages, Senior EWI Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how some of the simplest rules and guidelines have some of the most powerful applications for trading.