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Why is Canada a country with no gold?

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Brian Lilley discusses a recent headline that has shocked many Canadians saying that we’ve sold off all of our gold reserves. Brian has some answers but a few questions too, determined to…

Canada 2017 in the Economic Toilet "Things are Bad, Really Bad" YouTube

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Canada’s economy continues on a downward spiral. No rainbow on the horizon, yet we are told to party for 150, kind of like the band playing as the Titanic …

2017 10 oz Canadian Silver Magnificent Maple Leaf Coin

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2017 10 oz Magnificent Maple Silver Coin - Royal Canadian Mint - Coin Dealer Ottawa

37 views 0 comments Each of the 2017 10 oz Canadian Silver Magnificent Maple Leaves coins in this product listing are in BU condition. Coins in this condition exhibit no signs of…