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China Now Dumping Dollar From Oil Trade For Yuan - Episode 761a

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Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel – Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit…

China Converting US Debt To Gold: Wikileaks

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Wikileaks has revealed how China has been adapting to holding too much US debt. It seems they’ve also managed to find a way to undermine the US dollar as …

China tariffs targets states that voted for Trump: Carlos Gutierrez

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Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez says China’s trade tariffs are politically motivated because it’s targeting states that supported President …

What are the ripple effects of a U.S.-China trade war?

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President Trump set into motion on Friday a 25 percent fee on more than 800 Chinese imported goods and China hit back with tariffs of its own on products like …

CURRENCY WAR! 40 Countries Buy Yuan & Drop U.S. Dollar!

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China Converting US Debt To Gold Wikileaks

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The opportunity of Your lifetime is here. The greatest wealth transfer will take place in our lifetime. Will you position yourself to gain from this event? Real passive …

China targets U.S. farm belt with latest tariffs

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China counterpunched with new tariffs against U.S. products in the latest round of an escalating trade fight between the world’s two largest economies.

Doing Business in China? Don't Get Ripped Off

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Doing Trade? Buying goods from China? Watching this video could save you being cheated. Business in China is not the same as your home country. Many people think they can start an import and…

Business Creativity in China Documentary

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The documentary let the world know better about the Chinese creativity revolutionary road and let more people to see the creativity, learning, and breakthrough behind the Chinese speed —…