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America's Student Debt Crisis: Jessie's Story | Consumer Reports

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Millions of Americans who went to college are now crippled by their student loans. “Debt is the first thing I factor in all of my decisions,” says Jessie Suren, who …

Japan Is DUMPING US Treasuries! - What You Need To Know

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent evidence that Japan is in fact the one dumping U.S. treasuries. For quite some time, misleadingly it has…

How To Make Your First $100,000 Online With Dan Lok

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Get F.U. Money for FREE and register for the upcoming webinar: Do you want to learn how to make your first $100000 online …

7 Ways You Are Paid In Life - Multiple Streams Of Income

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Discover Dan’s TOP Secrets On How He Gets Paid In Life And How You Can Get RICH Too: Are you tired of not getting paid enough in …

Big Opportunities in Africa -- Global Stocks to Buy

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Charles Sizemore, editor of Macro Trend Investor, talks with Jeff Reeves, editor of, about a great African telecom stock that’s ready to benefit from big-picture macro trends….


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The economy of India is still going strong with an economic growth of about 7,5% per year. Yet the media wants us to believe again that the Indian economy is …

UK buys Russian gas from US-sanctioned company amid freezing winter

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The first ship carrying Russian-produced gas has reached the UK under a new energy deal. The liquefied natural gas is produced by a company which the US …

Russia Dumping Dollar? Russia Retaliate Sanctions Demands Gold Payments?

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The world is shifting and changing beneath our feet. What have you done to prepare for wealth preservation? The great transfer of wealth has been under way and is gaining steam. Are you…

Turkey And Iran Ditch The Dollar, Putin Smiles And Trump Cries - Economic Collapse Will Be Gradual!

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the relationship between the US and Turkey has taken another gigantic hit. It appears Turkey has joined the other powerhouses of the Eastern world (Russia and China) by preparing for economic…

Countries Are Dumping US Assets And Iran Will Not Use The Dollar For Oil Trade - Episode 888a

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Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel – Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit…

China Now Dumping Dollar From Oil Trade For Yuan - Episode 761a

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Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel – Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit…

Germany's gold back from France

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Germany’s gold is back from France which was kept abroad during cold war. Germany repatriates gold reserves it stashed abroad. Watch to know more. World is One News, WION examines global issues…