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Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 1) - Mike Maloney

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Join Mike Maloney for his latest in-depth forecast for the stock markets, gold & silver, and more speculative investments like cryptocurrencies and mining stocks.

Industrial Decline Fuels French Political Extremes

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In Amiens, hometown of presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, Whirlpool’s decision to shut a factory is the latest in a wave of closures pushing voters to …

America's Student Debt Crisis: Jessie's Story | Consumer Reports

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Millions of Americans who went to college are now crippled by their student loans. “Debt is the first thing I factor in all of my decisions,” says Jessie Suren, who …

China in Shock as India to Rescue Maldives from Chinese Debt Trap with US

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China in Shock as India to Rescue Maldives from Chinese Debt Trap with US . India may partner Japan, US, UAE & Saudi Arabia G20 summit argentina .

Mike Maloney urgent warning !! The central bank chose a day for the collapse

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Japan Is DUMPING US Treasuries! - What You Need To Know

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent evidence that Japan is in fact the one dumping U.S. treasuries. For quite some time, misleadingly it has…

Foreign Countries Dump US Treasuries As They Liquidate Record Amount of Stocks

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In his November Webcast, DoubleLine’s Jeff Gundlach warned that as a result of rising hedging costs, US Treasury bonds have become increasingly …

Venezuela’s Oil, Bankruptcy and Cryptocurrency - VisualPolitik EN

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Venezuela is undergoing some of its worst moments. This disaster is so huge, that what once was one of the largest and most powerful oil companies in the …

How To Make Your First $100,000 Online With Dan Lok

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Get F.U. Money for FREE and register for the upcoming webinar: Do you want to learn how to make your first $100000 online …

7 Ways You Are Paid In Life - Multiple Streams Of Income

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Discover Dan’s TOP Secrets On How He Gets Paid In Life And How You Can Get RICH Too: Are you tired of not getting paid enough in …

Silver To Climb To $20, Outperform Gold In 2019

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While catalysts are in place for gold to rally in 2019, silver will be the outperforming asset next year, said Todd “Bubba” Horwitz of “I think …