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Economics and Business


ALERT ! ! ! Canada's Housing Bubble Has Exploding 2017 Summer

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What are your opinions ? Share your perspective … ” This video was posted with permission ” …

Canada's Looming Economic Crisis 2017 and Beyond

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Canadian economy is on life support, living on borrowed time. With an economy that is already struggling under an unsustainable housing bubble, record …

Mike Maloney All indicators are screaming CRASH August 17, 2017

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The U.S. Debt Clock Says Silver Should be at $846?

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A commonly cited statistic, taken from the , is that silver and gold should be valued higher because of the ratio of M2 money creation, …

Better understanding global trade flows

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New analysis from the OECD and WTO breaks with conventional measurement of trade flows to reflect the way businesses increasingly disperse production …

International Trade - Import Quotas

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Mecham explains the graphical analysis of an import quota in a country that is part of a competitive world market.

How Beneficial Is World Trade?

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Global Economics – Global Exchange: Free Trade & Protectionism (2006): Assessing the overall gains of world trade. Subscribe to Journeyman here: …

International trade: Absolute and comparative advantage

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Trade theories: Why we trade.

A Brief History of International Trade

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A Brief History of International Trade – Lecture to students at UC Riverside Extension on February 22, 2012 by Ryan Petersen, President of

Specialization and Trade: Crash Course Economics #2

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In which Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford teach you about specialization and trade, and how countries decide whether they’re going to make stuff or trade for stuff.