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7 Year Silver Breakout COMING!

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Silver Shield MiniMintage Silver Shield Group MicroMintage Silver…

Why is Canada a country with no gold?

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Brian Lilley discusses a recent headline that has shocked many Canadians saying that we’ve sold off all of our gold reserves. Brian has some answers but a few questions too, determined to…

Gold & Silver Are Real Money: Rich Dad's Kiyosaki - Kitco News

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Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki is on Kitco News to talk about why he prefers gold & silver over the stock market and what it takes to be a successful investor on this edition of “On the Spot.”…

Has Silver's Time Finally Arrived? Mike Maloney

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Has silver’s time finally arrived? This week Mike Maloney links to several pieces of news and data that show a massive shift in the silver market, as well as a gigantic nail in the coffin for…

THE GOLD & SILVER RESET: How will they perform? Thank you Venezuela!

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New to ITM Trading? Get your FREE ITM INVESTMENT GUIDE: On the Road with Lynette Zang Signup:…

$700+ Silver? Here's How It Could Happen - Mike Maloney

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Get Mike’s bestselling book for free: In today’s video, Mike Maloney presents a series of charts …

Silver and Gold are Looking Good in 2019 - w/ Peter Hug

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Interview with Peter Hug, Global Director of trading at Kitco. Support Silver Fortune, shop at SD Bullion! Free shipping over $99, and a 1 oz. round for new …

Jim Rogers - Gigantic Short Position in Gold & Silver Right Now

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World renowned investor, Jim Rogers, sat down with SBTV at The Safe House and shared his thoughts on the changing fortunes of the US, the coming global …

Jim Rickards and Egon von Greyerz discuss $10,000 gold

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In this 18 minutes video, recorded in a Swiss vault, Jim and Egon cover many vital factors that investors must be aware of to protect themselves against the major …

It’s Time To Short the Nasdaq and Buy Silver Says This Expert

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With all the attention on U.S. stock markets, which are trading near all-time highs, one expert says it may be time to look at silver. “I’m recommending silver, …

JP Morgan & Silver: The Price Management Scheme Continues - Ed Steer

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JP Morgan & Silver: The price management scheme continues. Watch as Ed Steer (Gold and Silver Digest) outlines the state of the precious metal markets and …

Silver Investment: $1500oz Silver!! - Mike Maloney

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Why Silver Investment? In 1980, it took 1000oz of silver to buy a single family median price home, that day will come again …