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Turkey And Iran Ditch The Dollar, Putin Smiles And Trump Cries - Economic Collapse Will Be Gradual!

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the relationship between the US and Turkey has taken another gigantic hit. It appears Turkey has joined the other powerhouses of the Eastern world (Russia and China) by preparing for economic…

China Converting US Debt To Gold: Wikileaks

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Wikileaks has revealed how China has been adapting to holding too much US debt. It seems they’ve also managed to find a way to undermine the US dollar as …

Oil Price Surges After Iran Deal, Gold Above $1300, Dollar Index Moves | Golden Rule Radio

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Oil Price Surges After Iran Deal, Gold Above $1300, Dollar Index Moves. This week we talk about the price of oil surging upwards with turmoil rising in the middle …

International trade: Absolute and comparative advantage

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Trade theories: Why we trade.

Specialization and Trade: Crash Course Economics #2

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In which Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford teach you about specialization and trade, and how countries decide whether they’re going to make stuff or trade for stuff.

Better understanding global trade flows

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New analysis from the OECD and WTO breaks with conventional measurement of trade flows to reflect the way businesses increasingly disperse production …

International Trade - Import Quotas

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Mecham explains the graphical analysis of an import quota in a country that is part of a competitive world market.

A Brief History of International Trade

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A Brief History of International Trade – Lecture to students at UC Riverside Extension on February 22, 2012 by Ryan Petersen, President of

How Beneficial Is World Trade?

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Global Economics – Global Exchange: Free Trade & Protectionism (2006): Assessing the overall gains of world trade. Subscribe to Journeyman here: …

220 tons of gold arrived in Turkey.

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220 tons of gold arrived in Turkey. Central Bank, the US Central Bank brought to Turkey in 2017, all of the gold in its possession. Together with the Central Bank’s gold and Halk Bank in Turkey…