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Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 1) - Mike Maloney

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Join Mike Maloney for his latest in-depth forecast for the stock markets, gold & silver, and more speculative investments like cryptocurrencies and mining stocks.

The Fall Of The US Dollar: Is The Return To A Gold Standard Inevitable?

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Is the return to a gold standard inevitable? Grant Williams, Senior Advisor at Vulpes Investment Mgmt, breaks down the history of the gold standard and the …

Yuan's Steep Decline: Why It Matters

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The WSJ’s Jake Lee explains the top three reasons why the Chinese yuan’s continuing decline is worrisome for global markets. Subscribe to the WSJ channel …

Future of Money: Welcome to Cashless Sweden

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Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) — Leaders in finance and technology are gathering in Las Vegas today as the Money 2020 conference kicks off, where they’ll discuss …

Sweden to become cashless soon: Cash transactions not encouraged in Sweden

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Sweden is leading the race to become the completely cashless economy. This will be a cashless revolution in the country. The world is One News, WION …

WILL HYPERINFLATION PUSH US to return to the Gold Standard? The questions that didn't get answered.

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New to ITM Trading? Get your FREE ITM INVESTMENT GUIDE: Link to Slides and Sources: …

🔴 The Ultimate Gold Panel 🌟 Forecast for 2019

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The Ultimate Gold Panel gets into a deep discussion about the future of Gold based on historical analysis and current economic trends. This is a must-watch for …

Great Interview ! JIM ROGERS ( March 31, 2018) China Petro Yuan & Gold Could Fall Below $1,000

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This video posted with permission Report Date: March 2018 Guest: Jim …

Singapore is going cashless

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When was the last time you paid in cash? In Singapore, coins and paper might soon be a relic of the past as it embarks on a quest for a cashless society.

China Converting US Debt To Gold: Wikileaks

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Wikileaks has revealed how China has been adapting to holding too much US debt. It seems they’ve also managed to find a way to undermine the US dollar as …


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China is frantically converting US Debt To Gold Wikileaks India made the largest purchase of gold bullion in the history of the world about 3 years ago replacing …