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The 3 Most Important Rules of Investing

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Win a new car! 29 days left for my Snapchat giveaway. On Feb 29th I’ll announce if you won. Here is how you win: 1.. Watch my story to see if you’re a semi …

The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Summer 2017, Banks Will Crash,Currency Won't Exist - BIX WEIR

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What are your opinions ? Share your perspective … Guest: Bix WEIR Report …

The U.S. Debt Clock Says Silver Should be at $846?

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A commonly cited statistic, taken from the , is that silver and gold should be valued higher because of the ratio of M2 money creation, …

China's Alibaba to Sell Stock on the New York Stock Exchange

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Alibaba could raise $20 billion or more by selling stock to the public in the U.S. The company holds an 80 percent share of China’s online market. Originally …

Find Out Why the Stock Market Has Been Rising in 2017! In-Depth Look at the Statistics

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